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About Me

Hi!  Welcome to Coffee, Chaos and Junk.  I’m Madeleine – AKA – the “Queen of Chaos” – Fueled by coffee – dark roast, cream and sugar please!  Our house is under Beagle rule with the able assistance of a terror (Oops – I mean terrier).   I create regular chaos for The Beard (Husband), TechSupport (teenage son) and Spitfire (pre-teen daughter).    Chaos usually comes in the form of the latest idea (Honey, I was just thinking….) and the project(s) that ensue.

We’ve been changing up our 1960s bungalow to better reflect our family.  I’ll be the first admit that I have no idea what I’m doing but I enjoy learning new things.  We’re talking about the girl who gets a thrill when her husband brings home a new power tool.  My style influences are all over the map – I adore anything farmhouse or rustic but a little bit of boho is always fun too.  My heart skips a beat at junk and industrial – black pipe and concrete anyone?  As a science geek, I have an ongoing relationship with lab glassware and random items of science junk.   Like most people, I work on a budget and love a good knock-off.  I love colour, creative reuse and DIY.  Thanks for stopping by! Around here, the coffee is always on!


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