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I’ve got that ‘sinking’ feeling again….

And so it begins!  The Saga of the Sink.  An epic novel of tragedy and triumph over sink adversity.  You see it all started with my poor scratched and sad-looking sink-and-a-half.  The one my mother would inevitably bleach with determination every time she came over.  To no avail of course, as the surface of the sink was hopelessly scratched. And therefore stained.  Add to this the fact that neither side of the sink was an adequate size to contain any of my large pots and casseroles and this sink was an exercise in frustration. Leaky plumbing and the sink was on it’s last legs.

However….there was just one minor detail…

You see, last summer we spent three weeks building a concrete overlay for our lovely mottled green laminate countertop.

Three weeks of blood, sweat, tears and concrete dust.  And a dead vacuum cleaner.  SO. MUCH. SANDING. I adore my ‘new’ countertops, a bit rustic and a touch industrial – they are a great addition to the kitchen.  So functional! But I digress….

You see – before I covered my countertops in concrete.  You know – the hord kind of concrete….I fell in love with the DOMSJO sink at IKEA.  Farmhouse-style, ceramic single-bowl sink.  So perfect for my kitchen.  I could sink a casserole or three into it’s depths and be a happy lady.  So I went to IKEA….

Where it was out of stock.  And I was informed by the salesperson that it was out of production and more stock was not anticipated until somewhere around 2099.  So I figured OK.  That’s life.  No problem, I can deal.  I’ll build my concrete countertops around my existing sink and find a like-sized replacement instead.  It’s called compromise….So we built the countertops.  And I loved them!

IMAG0606 IMAG0616

And not 2 weeks later, my sister-in-law and I went on a shopping trip to IKEA.  Where the sink I coveted was proudly on display….and AVAILABLE!  I must admit – there might have been a few not-so-nice words uttered.  2099?  Really!!!????

So…I went home…and shared my sob story with The Beard.  Who was as always a wonderful and incredibly patient man.  Who said, just go and get the sink.  We’ll figure out how to make it work.  Even though the new sink was much narrower than the existing opening.   And his wife had insisted we cover the countertop in concrete.  On his vacation… The same concrete which would now need to be cut and patched…Here’s how it went down…..


Step 1:  Cut out front of countertop to fit new farmhouse-style sink.

IMAG1176IMAG1173Your angle grinder will be your best friend for cutting concrete overlay!  Amazing tool – wish we had one when we built the countertops in the first place.  Sanding would have been a piece of cake.  While it seems a bit scary to use at first, the angle grinder is a solid little tool and not too difficult for even a smaller person to use.  If you’re cutting concrete though – be careful – full face shield and proper clothing – safety first!  Clear out your work area too while doing this – the wire mesh embedded into the overlay set off a lovely shower of sparks!  We cut the first layer of concrete and wire mesh with the angle grinder and a cutting disk.  Cut like ‘buttah’.  A thing of beauty!



Step 2:  Cut through the laminate and wood countertop.

For this you’ll need your ‘handy-dandy’ reciprocating saw.  Another of my tool loves!

IMAG1188 IMAG1184This shows you how the concrete overlay was sandwiched on top of the laminate counter top.  Yes -we like to build and then take it apart again.  Just for the fun of it!

Things seemed to be going swimmingly at this point. Always a cause for concern…






We just had to cut out the back of the countertop by the window as the new sink was very deep and extends back to the wall.  This is, of course, when we hit a snag…..let’s just say that whoever installed our original laminate countertop did a stellar job.  The piece at the back wasn’t moving, even when cut on both sides.  There may have been a few more bad words and a mild concern that perhaps my countertop was possessed of superhuman strength…however we eventually prevailed.

IMAG1193We now had a large hole where our sink used to be.  And rather a large amount of concrete dust covering most of the kitchen.  Success was sweet and to be savoured, along with a nice, cold G and T.  Although the glasses were now covered in concrete dust…

Part 2 of the sink saga coming soon!  It’s like one of those old radio serials….